Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Bank of Montreal slashed 5-year mortgage rates today to a low of 2.99%. It looks like our Canadian banks are thinking about starting a bidding war to gain your business and boost their mortgage portfolios. Before you jump at these ultra low rates, consider the long term impact on… Read more

Most people know that if they carry a balance on their credit cards beyond the due date they will have to pay interest. Understanding how interest is calculated on your credit card debt however can help you use credit more wisely and give you some tips on how to reduce… Read more

Having the ability to utilize the credit system in Canada is a common way to pursue an education and pay your living expenses while in school, all without needing a small fortune in reserve cash. But while having some student loan debt and consumer debt in minimal amounts may not… Read more

Banks & businesses are in the business of making money.  Period.  They provide a service or a product for a fee – when you borrow they charge you interest for using their money.  If you always keep that point in mind when you are borrowing money or buying on credit… Read more