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If you are worried about having missed a few mortgage payments or you are dealing with the stress of losing your home because of credit card or other debts, as a home owner you do have options. They key is to find a solution that will deal with all of… Read more

What does it really mean to become house poor? Are you only in trouble if you’re missing mortgage payments? Traditionally speaking, being house poor means you are spending a large portion of your total family income on home ownership costs. When this happens you end up short on cash to… Read more

When we think of the word “freedom” we think of a hostage escaping from their kidnappers, or some other life altering escape from captivity. We don’t often think of freedom when we think of our debts, but being held captive by debts is reality for many. Think about it: If… Read more

I wasn’t too happy with myself the other day. Now I don’t consider myself to be a pushover when it comes to shopping. I’m usually careful to purchase only what I need. I pay attention if things are on sale and purchase one or two extra if it makes sense…. Read more

You’re sweetheart is trying to cut back a little on expenses this year and so are you. Yes, you could go out and do the typical budget Valentines Day gift thing like planning a meal at home. But how about buying something really special for your Budget Valentine? Here are… Read more

Successful marriages usually start with one big premise: communication. That shouldn’t change when it comes to how to handle money in a marriage but does that mean you have to combine everything? I’m not a marriage counsellor but I am an insolvency counsellor and I do see the implications when… Read more

You have credit card debt at a high interest rate, but the bank says you don’t qualify for a lower interest debt consolidation loan.  Should you ask your friends or family for a loan? Borrowing from family and friends can have even more complications than borrowing from a bank, credit… Read more

The temptation to overspend during the holidays comes in many shapes and sizes. From lack of planning, to guilt and stress, to plain old Joie de vivre. Unfortunately reality sets in come the New Year. That’s why as bankruptcy trustees we get busy usually beginning around mid-January and running through… Read more