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One of the early warning signs that you may be in financial trouble is how frequently you find yourself “missing” payments on your bills.  Accidently missing a payment can happen to anyone – missing payments because you have to is another thing altogether. The key is to plan sufficiently so… Read more

Credit counselling is a much used, little understood term, that various companies in Canada now use to describe a multitude of debt relief solutions. Some offer great services, it doesn’t really matter what they call it. Other ‘credit counselling’ agencies are purposefully confusing readers about the product they offer because… Read more

As a federally licensed Consumer Proposal Administrator I have a good understanding of what terms creditors are looking for and how to make a deal that works for both you and your creditors. It is possible for you to negotiate directly with your creditors to: arrange better debt repayment terms… Read more

Whether you have just one overused credit card or several outstanding debts, it’s going to take several changes in how you manage money to get out of debt. Think of your debt reduction as a campaign. No one tool is going to do the job. It’s good to look at… Read more

There are ways you can repair your credit score, however it might help to also understand how credit reporting agencies collect the information in the first place. Very few people actually understand how credit reporting works.  There are two very large national credit bureau companies in Canada – Equifax and Trans… Read more

If you are a home owner, your mortgage payment is probably your single largest monthly expense. How do you know if your mortgage is the underlying cause of your financial problems? You may be in trouble with your mortgage if: You mortgage payments are in arrears; Your mortgage payments and… Read more

Depending on what you read, the first bank issued credit card has been around since as early as 1946 when a New York bank first invented the ‘Charge-It’ system. Then like now, individuals bought items on credit at a merchandise store, the store collected from the bank and the bank… Read more

This is the story of Sam and Sally (not their real names).  Sally owned a house before she met Sam and they got married.  They lived relatively simply lives, but there were a few hiccups along the way.  Sally injured her knee at work and was off work for two… Read more

You have a lot of debt and are tired of circling around the issue. This year you’ve decided to take back control and wrestle your debt to the ground. Your hope: to avoid filing bankruptcy but basically to eliminate your debt once and for all.  Here are five debt reduction… Read more