Monthly Archives: October 2013

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada. Follow all this month as we talk about budgeting your way out of your money problems – no matter what they are. Did you know? 50% of Canadians admit to worrying about money1, Canadians admit to a gap between what they wish… Read more

How are Canadians fairing when it comes to managing their money? Who is struggling, who is saving? Our infographic takes a look at how well Canadians are doing at budgeting and managing their finances.

You’re looking for a new home and your real estate agent wants to know how much you want to spend. Before you answer that question you need to determine how much you can afford. In making that decision you need to look beyond the purchase price. There are a lot… Read more

Making ends meet seems to be a more difficult task for many Canadians every year. Before we begin our month long series on how to budget your way out of money problems as part of Financial Literacy Month in Canada, we look at where the average Canadian spends their household… Read more

“I Have No Idea How Much Money I Owe.” That was the response of 20% of visitors who took our money poll about assessing your debt. In fact, only 40% of respondents said they kept track of their debt. And the remaining 40% thought they knew how much debt… Read more

Did you know that the average household in Canada has more than $114,000 in debt? Why are we in debt, and who holds the most debt in the country? An infographic about Canada’s borrowers answers those questions and more. Click to enlarge.

Sometimes it takes just one event to trigger a phone call to a debt professional. This was the case for Bruce (not his real name). He originally called a trustee in bankruptcy because┬áhe owed Canada Revenue Agency $25,000 and they had told him they planned to garnishee his wages…. Read more