Monthly Archives: August 2013

You want to eliminate your debts and you do well keeping on track most of the time but no matter how hard you try, you sometimes fall back into the same old cycle of running out of money by payday?  You could be doing lots of things right like keeping… Read more

We all know the importance of teaching our children to earn, save, invest and donate money. When they are young you may give your children an allowance and talk to them about spending it wisely. As they approach their teenage years you probably encourage your children to earn some of… Read more

I’ve read several articles recently about how much debt is too much, or whether you should have any debt at all. While we all might strive to live a debt free life, the truth is that we are likely going to rely on debt at some time in our lives. If… Read more

The final tip on budgeting this week is this: don’t get caught up in perfection. Yes, it’s important to keep track of every penny, but if you are setting up a budget for you and your family, leave a little “wiggle room”. I suggest that each spouse be given some… Read more

If you have filed for bankruptcy, then you are far from alone. Even though it can be very disheartening and stressful, it is by no means the end of the world, nor the end of your credit worthiness. If you plan carefully and learn to manage your money better, you… Read more

Depending on the study you read the average Canadian family will spend $500 or more on back-to-school supplies and clothing this year. Many will end up putting that expense on their credit card, adding to an already strained debt load. Here are some easy tips for stretching your back-to-school shopping… Read more

Three years ago Greg sent an email to one of our advisors desperately looking for help to deal with his debt. He was single, in his mid-50’s, with no dependents and had a decent job but he owed his unsecured creditors $75,000. He also owned a small house with a… Read more