Monthly Archives: July 2013

Your credit score is a number that lenders look at to assess your credit worthiness when you apply for a loan or mortgage. It tells the lender how risky it will be for them to lend money to you. A credit score can range from a low of 300 to… Read more

With the reduction in affordable car leases, many people have turned to car loans to finance their new or used car purchase. Unfortunately the trend has been for Canadians to extend the term of these loans to reduce the monthly car loan payment so it fits within the family budget…. Read more

Dealing with your debts through an accredited credit and debt counsellor can improve your long term credit risk. A recent study released by the Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services showed that consumers who repaid their debt with the assistance of a credit counselling Debt Management Plan proved to have… Read more

Two large furniture retailers in Canada, Leon’s and The Brick, are being accused by The Competition Bureau in Canada of deceptive marketing practices surrounding deferred-payment credit options otherwise known as Don’t Pay A Cent Events or Buy Now, Pay Later programs. Even if these retailers fully advise customers up front… Read more

Why do people continue to carry too much debt?  In many cases it’s because they don’t put the pain first. Think about how you got in debt in the first place. Perhaps you wanted to go on a nice vacation like everyone else. You didn’t have the cash, so you… Read more

One of my favourite children’s stories is “There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon”. In the story, Billy wakes up one morning to find a small, kitten sized dragon in his bedroom. Unfortunately his mother tells him there is no such thing as a dragon so Billy ignores his new… Read more

Aaron’s debt story is pretty typical. He was young and single, starting life after graduation. He was lucky enough to graduate without student loans and was now on his own for the first time. Just beginning in a new career, Aaron expected he would be able to work hard, prove… Read more