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Debt consolidation can take many forms. Choosing the right approach to consolidating your debt begins with understanding your needs and defining what you are trying to achieve. Here are 5 key objectives most people consider when looking to consolidate their debts. Identify Your Debt Consolidation Needs 1. Lower Interest Rates… Read more

Canadian household debt measures are showing signs of improvement which is good news. Consumer debt-to-income declined for the second consecutive quarter to 161.8%, as income growth outpaced debt growth. The good news: The decline in the debt-to-income ratio from its peak of 162.6% shows Canadian households are starting to get… Read more

Any activity you take on needs the right tools.  If you are losing weight you need a good menu, a scale, a coach.  Same goes for training for a marathon or building a deck. If your goal is to get out of debt, here are 5 important tools to have… Read more

Summer is fast approaching. Soon the kids will be off school looking for things to do. You need to keep them busy but you’re on a tight budget.  Here are five more fun, and cheap, summer activities that you can have as a family and save money. “Listen” To a… Read more

Steve, a teacher, had known for some time that he was in serious financial difficulty.  All of the usual warning signs were there – sleepless nights, collection calls, paying interest only on his credit cards. He tried consolidating his debts into one loan, but the monthly payments were still staggering. … Read more