Monthly Archives: February 2013

You’re trying to improve your financial health but all the messages are getting confusing. First there are the warnings that Canadians need to pay off their high levels of debt. But now it is RRSP season, and you are wondering about your retirement savings. You’ve managed to salt away a… Read more

The number of debt settlement companies entering the Canadian marketplace has ballooned in recent years. Advertising a wide range of services including credit counselling, debt settlement, debt relief, debt consolidation, and debt management, it is hard for the average person to distinguish between what is fact, what is hype, and… Read more

A article in the Toronto Star today looking into practices at Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada Inc., one of the largest not-for-profit credit counselling agencies in Toronto and across Canada, found that their advisors providing counselling services to potential clients are not certified counsellors. In the story, the Star… Read more

Just this week The Cash Store Financial Services Inc. announced their new line of credit products in Ontario. In their words these products will ‘help build a credit history’. Edmonton based Cash Store Financial, operating under the names “Cash Store Financial”, “Instaloans” and “The Title Store”, is offering the new… Read more