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If your debts are very high, or you have high interest credit card debt, you may not be able to find enough savings in your budget to pay off your debts within a reasonable period of time. If that is the case you may need to consider other possible debt… Read more

It would be great if, after getting our very first job, we all sat down and created our very first budget. By managing our finances from the very beginning we would spend only what we could afford and we likely wouldn’t accumulate unnecessary debt to begin with. Realistically however we… Read more

Expect the unexpected. Be prepared. There are lot’s of ways to say why you should have an emergency fund.

Eight reasons why budgets fail – an infographic. Click to view a larger image.

Budgeting is a learning process. We’ve said before that there is no such thing as the perfect budget. The truth is no two people will make the same budget even if they are living on the same income, in the same neighbourhood with the same number of dependants, nor should… Read more

There are a lot of budgeting tools out there. What’s right for you?

Budgets need to be managed. That means keeping track on a fairly regular basis. Without some form of monitoring, you will have no way of knowing: If your budget is realistic; if you are working within your budget; or if you will be successful in achieving your financial goals. Here… Read more

Routinely missing bill payments can negatively affect your credit score.