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No hassle payday loan. Get cash in 3 easy steps — no calls, no fax. Receive up to $1500 instantly. These are just some of the catchy phrases in the new world of payday loans – the Online Payday Loan. Yes, payday lenders have entered the internet age. Now borrowing… Read more

Canadians don’t think they are better off financially now compared to a year ago and most are even more worried about the future. Does this sound like you?  Should you be worried? The answer is probably yes.  And here’s why. Consumer debt in Canada is too high.  Household debt-to-income in… Read more

Are you trying to control your Christmas spending so you do not end up with unwanted Christmas debt. Here are more tips on how to avoid the Christmas credit crunch: Make a budget and stick to it. Set money aside ahead of time in a Christmas fund. Remember to prepare… Read more

Canadians are working longer, having to delay retirement, and the trend is increasing according to results just released by Statistics Canada. For many, high debt levels going into retirement may be the cause. In 2009, a 50-year-old worker expected to retire at the age of 66. In 1997 the expected retirement… Read more

You ask yourself the same questions at the end of almost every month. Why don’t I have enough money? Why is it I can’t pay my bills every month and have a little left over to spare? The answer is likely that you are running on the debt treadmill. When… Read more