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Question: I heard the ads on the radio for a debt consultant. I talked to them on the phone, and they said they can cut my debt, but I have to pay them $700 per month, and I have to stop talking to the credit card companies and not answer my… Read more

Today’s Tip: Beware of Debt Consultants. They have lots of ads on the radio promising to cut your debt, but there are lots of debt consultant horror stories out there as well, so know who you are dealing with.  Do your research before you agree to pay anything to an… Read more

Halloween Costumes on a Budget: Who says you have to spend a lot on a costume to be the life of the party? You’ve  been invited to a Halloween party and have been told you have to dress up. You really want to go, but you have no money to… Read more

As a single mother, with more debt than she could handle, Debbie looked for help from an expert.

Guest commentary provided by Janette Martin, Client Service Specialist, North York, Ontario I recently met with Adele (not her real name), in my North York bankruptcy and consumer proposal office.  Recently separated from her husband, who was the sole provider for her and their two teenage kids, and due to… Read more

Guest commentary provided by Benny Mendlowitz, CA, Bankruptcy Trustee and Consumer Proposal Administrator, I meet with dozens of people every month.  They don’t feel good about the fact that they can’t pay their debts in full, but they do feel better when they have come up with a plan… Read more

Guest commentary by Joel Sandwith, Client Service Specialist, London, Ontario Hope is a word I hear a lot in our office here in London, Ontario. I’ve been working in credit counselling, and now in consumer proposals and personal bankruptcies for almost ten years, and have met with 5,000 or more… Read more

Guest commentary provided by Danielle Ratford, Client Service Specialist, Cambridge, Ontario Jack (not his real name), went through a separation, and the bank foreclosed on his home.  When they sold it, they went after Jack for a $70,000 shortfall, which was impossible for him to pay. Jack didn’t want to… Read more

Guest commentary by Billy Martell, Bankruptcy Trustee and Consumer Proposal Administrator, Hamilton, Ontario Embarrassment is a common feeling a lot of people experience when talking about or dealing with their debt. Of course the first step in dealing with this feeling is to make the decision to talk to a… Read more

Guest Commentary by Douglas Hoyes, BA, CA, CBV, CIRP, Trustee in Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal Administrator Over the years I have met with thousands of people, and in almost all cases they want to deal with their debts, but they don’t know where to start. “Joe” is a typical case; things… Read more