Yearly Archives: 2011

When is the most common time of year for people to get into financial trouble? Christmas. We are all bombarded with advertising to get us to buy the latest toy or other gift for family and friends. Gifts that we may not be able to afford. So how can you… Read more

This year the theme of Credit Education Week is “The Sandwich Generation”, aimed at adults who are supporting both their children and their elderly parents. That’s a difficult financial position to be in, so if you are under that level of stress, the starting point is to make a very… Read more

This is Credit Education Week in Canada, and today our tip of the day is simple: get unbiased advice. Banks want you to get a debt consolidation loan, and payday loan companies, of course, want you to get a payday loan.  Of course payday loans are not the answer to… Read more

There are definite rules that collection agencies need to follow. They cannot call you all hours of the day and night. There are limits. [youtube] Get familiar with the collection agency rules. Understanding these rules can help you deal with collection agencies when they call. Below we provide a… Read more

You’ve probably heard the ads on the radio for many debt settlement programs offering to settle your debt for a fraction of what you owe. You may have even heard the consumer warnings about debt settlement companies.  But can they really settle your debt? Is an informal debt settlement program a… Read more

This is Credit Education Week in Canada, where we are all supposed to learn about credit.  Perhaps this year we should do the opposite: we should teach lenders about credit. Gail Vaz-Oxlade, host of the TV shows Till Debt Do Us Part and Princess, is suggesting that it’s time to… Read more

You’re behind on your payments and collection agents are calling. They are aggressive and you are feeling abused and pressured. How do you deal with creditors you owe money to. What should you do when they call? Handling Collection Calls Don’t ignore them and don’t panic. Debt collectors won’t just… Read more

How NOT to deal with your debts tip of the day: Beware of Debt Settlement Companies and Scams You are buried in debt and looking for a way out. You have likely heard the radio and TV advertisements pitching debt settlement programs that promise to reduce your debts by ‘up to… Read more

How NOT to deal with your debts Tip of the Day: Don’t take money out of your RRSP unless you calculate the amount of tax payable and set that amount aside to give the government at tax time – RRSP withdrawals are taxable, and even though your financial institution will… Read more

How NOT to deal with your debts Tip of the Day: Don’t take a loan from a family member unless you know for sure that you can pay it back. If you fall behind, holiday gatherings are likely to be stressful. If you have a family member who is a… Read more