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Consider No Fee Banking: many financial institutions charge monthly fees, but did you know that you can sometimes negotiate a reduction? Better yet, some financial institutions do not charge any fee at all. There is a tendency to consider these fees to be inconsequential – “it’s only $12 per month”;… Read more

Always GET A COPY of everything you sign, as you may need to refer to it down the road for customer service inquires or to refer to the terms of conditions of your contract. Keep the copy of the contract in an easy to refer to place in the house… Read more

One of the biggest concerns expressed by people considering bankruptcy in Canada is how filing bankruptcy will affect their credit score and how they can repair their credit after bankruptcy. Whether you declare bankruptcy, file a consumer proposal, or do a debt management plan, all will appear on your credit… Read more

Filing for bankruptcy is not the solution for everyone. There are disadvantages to filing bankruptcy that you should consider: It has a negative impact on your credit rating although most people who file for bankruptcy already or will soon have a bad credit rating and nothing will make it worse. You may… Read more

Sometimes, bankruptcy is the right solution for dealing with overwhelming debts. By discharging your debts, bankruptcy provides you with a fresh start. If you are considering bankruptcy as a final solution consider these advantages to filing bankruptcy in Canada: Bankruptcy eliminates most, if not all, of your unsecured debts Bankruptcy… Read more