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Personal bankruptcy in Canada is a legal process that provides proven debt relief for individuals burdened with debt who are unable to make their payments. It is regulated by the federal government through the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. The purpose of the Act is to permit an honest, but unfortunate,… Read more

1) Meet with a Trustee for a free, no obligation assessment The first step is to meet with a consumer proposal administrator (a trustee) who will help you summarize your financial situation. Your trustee will ask you about your debts, assets, your family situation (eg your dependents) and your household… Read more

The first, and most important step, in solving your money problems is to set your financial goals. Why are financial goals necessary? Without goals, you will not achieve your targets. An architect creates a blueprint for a house before the builder starts to build. Building a house without a plan… Read more

You are working on managing your personal finances. You have set financial goals, determined your net worth, and made a budget. You have developed a savings plan and dealt with your debts. You have explored ways to cut your taxes. Is the plan finished? No. The next step is to get your financial house in order,… Read more

You have have been working to reduce your debt. Then the unexpected happens. Your car needs new brakes. The roof needs fixing. You are faced with an unexpected emergency. What do you do? The best approach is to expect the unexpected, and prepare to cushion yourself when unexpected emergencies arise…. Read more

In most cases, when you borrow money the lender charges you some form of interest. There are four different types of interest: flat charge simple interest complex interest compound interest Below we explain the way each of the interests work including compound interest formula, as well as the formulas for… Read more

If you are experiencing money problems, there are a number of car loan lenders in Canada that may be able to assist you. has pulled together information that may help before your choose. What You Need To Know First, if you need a car, it is possible to finance… Read more

Established by the federal government, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) establishes the bankruptcy law that governs the responsibilities and rights of all people involved in the bankruptcy process: the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, the official receivers who represent the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, the court, licensed bankruptcy trustees, debtors and creditors…. Read more

If you have two much debt, and are just making the minimum payments, you may be looking at years of debt. You need to find another solution. But you want to avoid bankruptcy. What can you do? For many people, a consumer proposal will be the right solution. In a… Read more