Monthly Archives: April 2010

Spring is the perfect time to have a garage sale, but any time of the year will do.  Sort through all of your stuff, and anything you haven’t used in the last year, put it up for sale.  That will include stuff your kids have outgrown, and anything else you… Read more

Everyone hates to hear it but the most important advice to get control of your personal finances is budgeting. We strongly recommend that you make a budget, (and many of you agree, since our make a budget post is one of our most popular tips). But wait, you say, that’s… Read more

If you collect credit card rewards, or points, or if you have air miles, or any type of points that you accumulate when you shop at your drug store, gas station, or grocery store, cash them in. Points never increase in value, so holding them only increases the chance that… Read more

Do you have the best credit card for you?  Today’s tip: Find a better credit card – look for a lower rate or better rewards card.  Start by talking to your bank about lowering your rate.  You may be surprised; if you have good credit, your bank may be willing… Read more

Many people make monthly payments on their mortgage or car payment.  To save on interest and to pay off your loan faster, increase the frequency.  Instead of paying your mortgage once per month, switch to paying it to match your paycheque. If you get paid bi-weekly, make your mortgage payment… Read more

Your credit history is recorded in files maintained by two main credit-reporting agencies in Canada: Equifax and TransUnion. If you are trying to improve your credit score, or are considering applying for a loan, it is wise to get a copy of your credit report. Why is this important? Your credit report is… Read more

A practical guide for dealing with collection agencies and your debts, from Canada’s top expert. At some point in life, many of us have trouble paying the bills. If you’ve ever been hounded by a collection agency, you know how intimidating and stressful the experience can be. But we have… Read more

Yesterday’s tip was to switch to paperless billing, so that you never lose a bill.  Another way to never forget to pay a bill is to consider pre-authorized payments for your bill payments.  For example, your hydro or gas company can put you on an equal billing plan, so you… Read more

Thinking about applying for a mortgage and want to know what your mortgage payments will be? Download our free mortgage payment calculator and calculate your payments. Click to download our free excel Mortgage Payment Calculator template. You may have heard that repaying your mortgage bi-weekly or weekly results in significant… Read more

Household budgeting can help you with every day money management, but it’s difficult. You need to keep track of every dollar you spend, and you need to know how to work a computer. Is there an easier way to budget? Yes. Don’t budget! Manage your money without a budget So… Read more