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What can you do if you are carrying an overwhelming amount of credit card debt? You probably didn’t expect to have this much debt, but perhaps you got sick, or lost your job and had to use your credit cards to survive.  Now you have more credit card debt than… Read more

We are all tempted by low introductory interest rates on credit cards, but the interest rate is irrelevant if you don’t carry a balance on your credit cards.  A zero balance is the best balance, so here’s how to pay off your credit cards: First, set your financial goals and… Read more

If you have good credit, and if you are paying a high interest rate on your credit card, try this:  Call up your credit card company and say: I just got an offer in the mail from another credit card company.  I like your card and I don’t really want… Read more

Old debts may not be collectible by collection agents.

We have all seen them: newspaper and internet ads offering Bad Credit Report Repair, proposing to erase bad credit for you. For a substantial fee, usually payable in advance, these credit repair clinics say they will arrange to have negative credit information removed from your credit record. Can they really… Read more

Consumer Proposal Canada – Topics & FAQ’s A consumer proposal is a great debt solution for Canadians who want to deal with their debts.  The concept is simple: your consumer proposal administrator calculates what the creditors would receive if they were to reject your proposal and you were to go… Read more

Need a mortgage? Worried because of your bad credit? Mortgages are often approved to those with less than perfect credit history as well. It is even possible to get a mortgage after bankruptcy. The Canadian mortgage industry is very competitive, and many lenders now offer mortgages to people with “tough”… Read more

So, you have made your household budgeting plan, and now you want to know how to reduce your expenses and increase savings. Here are some great tips on saving money. Household budgeting tips Match your long distance company with your calling habits. If most of your calling is done in… Read more

When you apply for a mortgage you will likely here about two different time periods: Your term is is the length of time you commit to the mortgage interest rate you signed up for.  For example you might sign up for a 5 years fixed term.  After five years, you… Read more

Can I Get a Mortgage after a Bankruptcy? Yes, even if you have declared personal bankruptcy, you may still qualify for a mortgage in Canada. Generally, if you apply for a mortgage after bankruptcy, lenders will require you to start re-establishing your credit before they will grant you an after… Read more