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No discussion about money and holiday spending would be complete without mention of credit cards. Credit cards can be very useful for making purchases when you are a little short of cash. They are also very useful for making online purchases and booking flights, hotels, car reservations, etc. The key… Read more

If you are working your way out of debt that does not mean that you would stop spending on bare essential things. In order to spend on things make sure that you plan a budget and save for the stuff. Try to avoid taking hasty decisions therefore plan your event… Read more

It is not easy job to come out of the vicious cycle of debt, but be careful that the shadow of debt does not engulf your relationship. In order to combat this grave issue, you and your partner both needs to join together to get rid of it. You need… Read more

In order to reduce your debts, make a list of each of your debts. Look for the debts with the highest interest rate. Do not look for the one that has the highest balance. Try paying off those debts that come along with the highest interest rates. These will restrict… Read more

Look for secondary sources of income : If you are in debt, look out for other sources of income to increase your income level. You can take up part time jobs, overtime at work, dog walking, baby sitting, tutoring, or other home based work which can act as a supplementary… Read more

Minimize Your Interest Rates : One of the fastest ways to track your way out of debt is to reduce the interest rates on your debt. Many people have interest rates as high as 30%, when they pay their monthly minimum. Minimizing the interest rates not only makes the loan… Read more

Set a budget by cutting down your credit cards: If you find yourself in debt the first thing you need to do is to cut down on your usage of credit cards and live on a cash budget. Keep an account of each an every expenditure that you incur. You… Read more

Dealing with collection agencies is never easy.  They know how to intimidate you, and scare you into making a deal. One of the biggest tricks to be watchful of is something called a Draft Statement of Claim. You may have received something from a collection agency or lawyer demanding payment… Read more

Today’s Tip: Everything is negotiable! Yes, that statement may be a slight exaggeration, but if you start with the premise that everything is negotiable, you will find that you will be able to negotiate many deals. If you are shopping in a small retail store, the owner probably works in… Read more

If you have poor credit, have been discharged from bankruptcy or just finished a consumer proposal you may not qualify for a regular credit card. A Secured Visa Card can be a solution, providing not only payment convenience, but a way to re-establish or repair your credit. To apply for… Read more