Monthly Archives: September 2009

In the past we have talked about cancelling your home phone and avoiding the oven, but there is another appliance to watch out for: your hot water heater.  Your hot water tank maintains the water at a hot temperature so when you turn your hot water on (in the kitchen,… Read more

Today is Labour Day, a day when we don’t labour (so shouldn’t it be called “Unlabour Day”)?  As we pause to reflect on work (while not working), ask yourself this question: How safe is my job, and what can I do to make it safer? Since the recession started in… Read more

Have you visited the library lately?  Chances are you haven’t visited the library since you were in school, but it’s a great way to save money. Obviously you can borrow books, so you save money compared to buying books.  But libraries today are much more than just books. You can… Read more