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My name is Douglas Hoyes, and I am a bankruptcy trustee. My job is to help people deal with their debts. The first step in solving your money problems is to figure out where you are at: you need to make a list of what comes in and what goes… Read more

This week we’ve talked about ways to save money during the summer, reducing the cable television channels you pay for in the summer when you aren’t watching TV, and eating fresh local food. Here’s another tip: open the windows. In the summer we become accustomed to using our air conditioners… Read more

During the summer you are outside more often, so I advised you to reduce our eliminate the cable television channels you pay for in the summer when you aren’t watching TV anyway. Here’s another tip for the summer: buy fresh food. One of the disadvantages of living in Canada in… Read more

As I drove to work yesterday morning the price of gasoline was 95 cents.  On my way to a meeting at lunchtime, the price was down to 91 cents.  That’s a four cent drop in a few hours.  Why the drop?  I have no idea.  I assume it’s because more… Read more

What Is a Consumer Proposal Administrator? To administer a consumer proposal you must be a Consumer Proposal Administrator, licensed by the federal government of Canada.  Usually a Consumer Proposal Administrator is also a Trustee in Bankruptcy. One of the conditions of that license is that the proposal administrator receives a fee… Read more

It’s the summer.  As the old joke goes, there are only two seasons in Canada: winter, and July.  That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there is no doubt that summer is short, so when it finally arrives, we spend as much time outside as possible.  We take walks, go… Read more

Question: My case is a bit particular. I’ve started my studies in 1992 at a college, got OSAP (Ontario and Canada Portions) loans, everything was fine until 2 yrs after in 1994 that I had to leave my studies due to a family emergency. I was away for college, after… Read more

Today is August 3, 2009, so today is a holiday in most provinces in Canada. From a money point of view, today is the least expensive holiday of the year, since you have no presents to buy, and no big meals to prepare. It’s a lazy holiday, spent sitting by… Read more