Monthly Archives: August 2009

As the summer draws to a close, we enter the prime harvest season in Canada.  To save money and to eat great fresh food, shop at your local Farmer’s Market or roadside vegetable stands. The food you get in a big grocery store may have been grown hundreds of miles… Read more

To save money, cancel home delivery of the newspaper.  Do you really need to pay for it?  To get your news, read it on-line. Every major newspaper in North America publishes an on-line edition.  In most cases the on-line editions are free.  So why pay for yesterday’s news when you… Read more

You can fast to lose weight.  Can you go on a “spending fast” to save money?  Yes you can; here’s how it works: Pick a day, or a weekend, to go on a spending “fast”.  Plan ahead so that you can go the entire day or weekend without spending any… Read more

This may sound crazy, but do you really need a home phone?  If not, cancel it. How many phone calls do you actually get at home?  Most of the calls I get at home are from sales people or telemarketers.  For important calls, I get called at work, or on… Read more

Don’t use an oven in the summer.  It heats up the house, so now you pay more on air conditioning as well.  Use the barbecue instead, or do all of your cooking and baking at the same time (early in the morning, or late at night, but no during the… Read more

Many areas of Canada are finishing a record breaking heat wave, so here’s a tip to save money: change your air conditioner or furnace filter more often than recommended by the manufacturer. A clean filter is more efficient than a dirty filter, and in the summer filters get dirty quickly,… Read more

In the book The Next Millionaires by Paul Pilzer, the idea is put forth that our personal financial success is not only based on what resources we have available to us, but also what tools we use. The Next Millionaires is a great book on the new economics that will… Read more

When budgeting, involve the entire family. There is no point in recording every penny you spend and keeping a detailed budget if the rest of your family never keeps track of anything, and spends money foolishly. Everyone must be involved. The most important person, of course, is your spouse. It’s… Read more

The key to a successful budget is simple: write down everything! I remember meeting a man who was having trouble paying his bills each month. He was always short of cash. I asked him to list where he spent his money each month. Off the top of his head he… Read more

A budget is like a road map: it shows you where you are, and it helps you figure out where you are going. But how do you make one? You have three choices. The easiest method is to simply get a blank piece of paper, and a pencil, and make… Read more