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Question: I owe Revenue Canada approx $8000 in personal income tax arrears. I submitted an income and expense form showing that I have less than $100 left at the end of the month and submitted an amount of $150 per month as a voluntary payment option. My proposal was refused… Read more

Question: I can’t find anyone who can offer me a unsecured debt consolidation loan. Banks have said NO …. Wells Fargo said NO … Citifinancial said NO. Where do I go now ? Answer: With the credit crisis it has become increasingly difficult to qualify for a debt consolidation loan. … Read more

Question: Is a Consumer Proposal a better option than debt consolidation with a 2nd Mortgage through a private lender to deal with high credit card debt? Consumer Proposal or Debt Consolidation What  you are comparing are the choices between settling your credit card debt with a consumer proposal or consolidating… Read more