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Question: I filed a consumer proposal in June 2008. I just did my tax return for 2008 and discovered that I am supposed to get a nice income tax refund of $2,300. Prior to filing my proposal, I owed $2,358 to the CRA, and they settled this account on my… Read more

Question: I have a consumer proposal which I am half way through paying off. I got a copy of my credit bureau because I am trying to qualify for a mortgage. When I pulled my bureau I noticed that the mortgage company had hit my bureau very heavily and it… Read more

Question: My brother has poor credit and needs to get a loan to consolidate his debts. He has a $10,000 car loan along with student loans that he would like to pay off by getting a personal loan. What would you suggest? He has already been turned down by his… Read more

How does credit counselling affect your credit score compared to late payments or a consumer proposal? We are often asked how credit counselling, or a debt management plan, impact credit scores. If you are having financial difficulties, chances are you already have some negative marks on your credit history. If you are… Read more