Monthly Archives: June 2007

Question: I’m about $30,000 in debt with an R9 credit rating. I was OK until last year, but things have gone downhill recently.  I also have a Canada student loan from 10 years ago. I want to take control of this and get back on track as soon as possible. Currently… Read more

Question: A little over a year ago, I leased a brand new car but things have changed and I can barely afford it now. Back when I leased the car, with some cash down and my old car as a trade-in, the monthly lease payments were brought down to $235… Read more

Question: I have already been paying the minimum payments ($156/month – mostly interest very little principle) on my student line of credit since January. The LOC was for $17,300. In October I will begin repaying my government student loan ($286/month). I’ve done the math and there is no way I… Read more

Question: We have just paid off our consumer proposal three months early. How do we go about getting a unsecured credit card. It seems nowadays you need to have a credit card for deposits etc. Answer: Congratulations on paying off your consumer proposal early.  You can apply for an unsecured… Read more