Monthly Archives: February 2007

Question: I am currently in a consumer proposal and looking to get a RRSP loan. Can I qualify for a loan while in a consumer proposal? RRSP Loans and Debt Programs In most cases it is difficult to borrow while you are in the middle of a consumer proposal, debt… Read more

Question: I am moving and need to rent a new apartment in a new city and province. I’ve been in an apartment for 5 and a half years now and I never missed a payment. I applied at several apartments and I’ve been refused every time because of the credit… Read more

Question: Is it possible to renew or refinance a mortgage to the bank while you are in a consumer proposal, debt management plan or even bankruptcy? Would I need a co-signer for refinancing or renewal? Mortgage Renewal and Debt Proposals Since a consumer proposal or debt management plan can last… Read more