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Question: I co-signed for my brother on his home but now he is out of a job and can’t pay the mortgage what are my options? Answer: The first option would be to try to help him make the mortgage payments until he gets back to work.  As long as… Read more

Question: A secondary collection service collected funds from me for another agency, which I payed off in full, but last month I was going to increase my visa limit and found out that they now have another collection against me which they claim is interest. I never received any letters… Read more

Rebuilding your credit is achievable. It just takes time and commitment. By making sure you make your payments on time and in full each month you can repair your credit score and improve your credit report. How long it takes to repair bad credit depends on what needs to be… Read more

If you filed a consumer proposal and now you have the money to pay it off in full, can anybody come after you for more money? Keep Unknown Windfall After Consumer Proposal If you file a consumer proposal and come unexpectedly into some money, you keep those funds for yourself…. Read more

Question: What are the credit score consequences of a debt management plan or consumer proposal? Debt Settlement Programs and Your Credit Rating The impact on your credit rating of a Debt Management Plan or a Consumer Proposal are the same. Both appear as an R7 on your credit report (R1 being… Read more