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Home ownership makes sense if it’s part of an overall plan, but not if it’s your whole plan. Putting all your eggs in the real estate basket is just as bad as stashing all your money in any other single investment option. Just because it’s your home doesn’t make it… Read more

I’ve been thinking a lot about young people, money, and how to get the two in the same room. Yah, I know, you’d love nothing more than to have someone throw a ton of money at you, but that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about how to get young’uns… Read more

If you’re in debt, it’s time to get into the negotiating mood. “No problem,” you say, “I’m ready to do whatever I have to.” But what if the person you’re negotiating with isn’t a creditor? What if it’s your mate? You’ve woken up to the idea that debt repayment is… Read more

People are woefully unprepared to handle their money.  It doesn’t matter how much money they make or how well educated they are, folks keep making the same mistakes over and over. While we love to blame everyone else for our lack of money skills – my parents didn’t teach me,… Read more

Canadians are carrying record levels of debt and the financial tactic that could improve things is the first thing to go when getting rid of that debt becomes Job #1. I applaud anyone who wants to get rid of their consumer debt as fast as they can. But having a… Read more

You make $16 an hour. That barely covers your rent & food. If you want a new pair of boots or you have to get something fixed, the only way is with a credit card. So when did credit become money? It’s a good question, isn’t it? After all, isn’t… Read more

We have all bought things that didn’t turn out to be quite as wonderful as we thought they would be. Maybe it was something small, like a new houseplant. Maybe something big, like a car. Whatever it was, once we saw the flaw, we either learned a lesson or we… Read more

Whenever folks are asked what they’d wished they’d known about money sooner, most people (particular those approaching retirement) say: Saving and the power of compounding, Lifestyle inflation and the debt slavery that it can lead to, and How to save on the big and small things in life. So much… Read more

Here are a couple of words you don’t see put together much: hyperbolic discounting. It’s what the whole Marshmallow Test is all about and it’s yet another cognitive bias that helps us make quick decisions that don’t always work out for the best. In the 1960’s a psychologist named Walter… Read more

If you’re one of the people who is watching as jobs in your industry evaporate, no doubt you’re beginning to twitch. Job loss comes with two big stressors. First, there is the financial stuff that you need to figure out. Second, there is the emotional misery that you must wade… Read more