If debts are causing you to lose sleep or you are struggling keeping up with your monthly payments then it’s time to find the right debt management program. If you live or work in Saint John, New Brunswick, talking to a local expert in bankruptcy¬†is the best way to ensure you have considered all of your debt relief options.


Allan Marshall & Associates Inc can help. We know it’s hard to decide which program is best. Should you try credit counselling? Debt consolidation? A consumer proposal? We can explain how each program works and, based on an assessment of your situation, recommend which plan meets your individual needs.

For additional information about debt management please give us a call. In addition to Saint John, we have offices in Fredericton and Moncton. Call or email us today and make an appointment at the office most convenient for you.

How to contact our debt management office:

or 1-888-371-8900
53 King Street, Suite 400
Saint John, NB E2L 1G5