Do you have too much credit card debt and need to find debt relief in Chilliwack? Professional Licensed Insolvency Trustee Sands & Associates specializes in providing debt management advice and assistance to help you eliminate your debt and gain financial freedom.


Our Chilliwack Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Geoff Orrell, has overĀ 25 years of experience helping people manage their debts and find the right debt relief strategy. Geoff understands that debt problems happen for many reasons and has dealt with almost every type of situation out there. He will evaluate your financial situation and help you choose between several options including debt consolidation, credit counselling, consumer proposal and bankruptcy.

After reviewing the options available to you, Geoff will give you as much time as you need to review your information and decide how you want to proceed.

Contact us today to book your free assessment and get your finances back on track.

How to contact our debt relief office:

#211 – 45480 Luckakuck Way
Chilliwack, BC
Tel: 604-824-5794