The Wolf at the Door: What to Do when Collection Agencies Come Calling

A practical guide for dealing with collection agencies and your debts, from Canada’s top expert.


At some point in life, many of us have trouble paying the bills. If you’ve ever been hounded by a collection agency, you know how intimidating and stressful the experience can be. But we have much more power than we think. In this eye-opening practical guide, industry insider Mark Silverthorn arms you with the information collection agencies don’t want you to know. He shows how to turn the tables against them and regain control of your personal life and your finances, including:

  • how to stop, avoid, or discourage collection calls
  • why you might not even have to pay your debt
  • options to deal with your debts that might save you thousands of dollars
  • your legal rights and how to handle collection agency misconduct
  • the truth about credit counselling and debt settlement firms

Before you take any action on your debt, you will want to read this book.

About the Author

MARK SILVERTHORN worked 12 years as a collection lawyer for four of the ten largest collection agencies operating in Canada.  He is routinely consulted by the media on issues involving consumer debt, the activities of bill collectors, and those holding themselves out as assisting consumers struggling with unsecured debt.  He is the Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc.  Its website is 

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