How To NOT Make A Budget

Household budgeting can help you with every day money management, but it’s difficult. You need to keep track of every dollar you spend, and you need to know how to work a computer. Is there an easier way to budget? Yes.

Don’t budget!

Manage your money without a budget

So how can you manage your money without a budget? Here’s the secret: Pay your bills every payday.

That’s it.

  1. First, make a list of every bill you pay every month, with amounts. Your list will include hydro, gas, telephone, cable, and so on.
  2. Next, divide each bill by the number of pays you get in a month. If your hydro bill is $100 per month, and you get paid every week, you need to pay $25 to hydro every week.
  3. Then, go to internet banking at your bank, and program in your bill payments for each payday. Do it for the next six months, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  4. You’re done. Every pay day your bills are automatically paid. No more worries about which bill is due on which day, because on payday, everything gets paid!

Yes money management can be that easy. Following this approach you will be much less likely to reach the end of the month and find yourself with more bills to pay and no cash left to pay them.

Watch Videos on Money Management: How Not to Make a Budget

To find out more, watch these two videos on how not to budget.


Here’s part 2 of the Secret to Budgeting:


For more ideas on how to improve your household budgeting, and for more tips on budgeting, please visit our Tips on Saving Money section.

But I still want to make a budget

You can program your bills to get paid every payday, and still keep a budget. Try our free budget template. You can then change the budget template to suit your situation by adding or removing income and expense items as needed.

Download our free sample budget that you can use with excel 4.0 or higher.

You can also prepare your budget on-line! Get a free, one-month trial of Calendar Budget now!

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