Don’t be Intimidated by Collection Agents

Collection agents are paid to collect money.  That’s their job.  If all they had to do was phone people and ask for money, and everyone paid them immediately, they would be the nicest, friendliest people in the world. But obviously very few people send money to collection agents, so they will often try every trick in the book.

They will tell you that they will “freeze your bank account tomorrow” if you don’t pay, or they will “garnishee your wages tomorrow” if you don’t send them money today.  They may even threaten to call the police.

Here’s the truth: a collection agent does not have the power to simply freeze your bank account or garnishee your wages.  They need a court order to do those things, and they can’t get a court order “tomorrow”.  To sue someone you need to give advance notice, and that takes time and money.  Collection agents don’t want to spend a lot of money on lawyers.  They want to intimidate you so you will pay.

Don’t be intimidated.  Don’t believe everything they say.  Ask them to send you proof in writing that you owe the debt.  Of course if you do owe the money they won’t simply stop calling, so it’s important that you make a plan to deal with your debts, but do it on your terms, no because you were intimidated by an aggressive collection agent.

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