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You might find yourself in a position where you owe monies to a creditor and this creditor has sued you and successfully obtained a judgment against you. Now you are wondering what happens next? What can your creditor do with their judgment, how can it help them collect the money… Read more

When it comes to finance, the reason many of us get into trouble is because we overlook or ignore the warning signs that something isn’t quite right. In the same way that we often ignore the implications of our clothes getting a little more snug, until the day we can’t… Read more is about finding experts who can help you manage your way out of debt problems with great information and advice. Today we bring you a guest article from the experts at Ever looked up your credit score? That three-digit number means a lot when it comes to renting property, buying a… Read more

You know that old saying, “do as I say, not as I do”? Well, kids learn from what you do. And they are always watching. Shop without a list and they’ll learn that when you go into a store it’s to impulse shop. Now that’s not what you want, is… Read more

You may be balancing a few credit card payments along with a few outstanding bills and you may be thinking that a debt consolidation loan would be a sure way to organize your finances and make debt repayment easier.  On the up-side, a debt consolidation loan will make your life simpler; you will… Read more

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work!” – Thomas Edison While most of us understand why saving money is a smart idea, most of us are also pretty terrible at actually saving money. In Canada, our savings rate has been less than… Read more

What makes you tick?  What is it that makes us put things on hold to run away or ignore the problem? What is it that motivates us to make the right choices, to be better in our personal lives and to tackle the serious uncomfortable issues that lead to stress. We are… Read more

Life changes. And as it does, we also change. Sometimes that means we have to move. Maybe we need more space. Maybe we’re changing jobs and have to relocate. Maybe our relationship has ended and we’ve got to hit the road. Inevitably we’re faced with packing up. And as we… Read more

You may be getting phone calls demanding payment on your overdue account.  Bill collectors might be calling you on your cellphone.  They might also be calling your landline at home.  In some cases, they might even be calling you at your workplace. Collection calls can be very upsetting.  Most people… Read more

Today’s guest author is Brian McIlmoye, a Bankruptcy Trustee with Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc. As someone who meets with people every day who are experiencing a financial crisis, he understands the turmoil people are experiencing and provides some advice for those who want to reach out and support someone in… Read more